Company Snapshot

what we do

Nirvaha Corporation is a SaaS company focused on helping finance and sales professionals:

  • Reduce administrative costs associated with sales
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase revenue

Nirvaha’s software solutions automate the generation of Quotes, calculation of Commissions, and management of Billings while enforcing the business rules of each organization.

Nirvaha's solutions work seamlessly together, and readily support  integration with QuickBooks,, and other enterprise infrastructure.

who we are

Nirvaha was founded by Ramesh Parameswaran, a seasoned entrepreneur and ex-Microsoft executive. The leadership team has years of experience in designing and delivering consumer as well large scale enterprise software that exceeds users expectations in sophistication, ease of use, scalability, and reliability. Past large scale clients include Intel, Honeywell, Motorolla, Ford, and P&G.

A testament to the strength of Nirvaha's solution is its roster of advisors and investors, consisting of some the most well known names in the industry. Each brings a tremendous wealth of domain knowledge, operational, and financial expertise to the table.


To learn more about Nirvaha and how we can help your organization, contact us here.