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Sales Commission Statements from Excel™

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Sales Commission Software

Configurable Sales commission application

Commission Software that works for the way you do business. No upfront professional services needed and easy to get started with.

Nirvaha Commissions is the only on-demand commission application that can be configured to meet your specific business without requiring upfront professional services. Nirvaha handles plans from the most basic to the most complex, including plans with:

  • Base commissions 
  • Single and multiple accelerators
  • Individual and group quotas
  • Recurring commission payments, residuals, and trails
  • Splits, draws, claw-backs
  • Commissions calculated from revenue, gross margin, units sold
  • Multi-currency support
  • and much more

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Make the Software Work with Your Plan, Not the Other Way Round

Existing commission software requires businesses to pay significant upfront professional services fees to implement your specific commission plan; OR you will have to change your commission plan to accommodate the software's capabilities. Nirvaha's commission software eliminates these issues. Your specific commission plan will work smoothly without requiring upfront professional services. Get up and running in less than a day with our QuickStart program.

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Sales Teams Sell More and Track Commissions Less

Your sales team can spend less time tracking commissions and more time closing deals - all while giving you the ability to manage their incentives based on what is right for your business and NOT based on what software is capable of.

Sales and finance teams will be in sync on all matters related to commissions since sales reps and sales managers can view their own commission reports and see only commission data relevant to them or their subordinates. With support for virtually every type of commission plan, Nirvaha also puts your sales and finance teams in sync by delivering commission reports accessible and viewable in on demand.

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Supported Commission Plans

  • Base commission rates as a percentage of revenue or gross margin
  • Base commission rates as a price per unit sold or specific bonus amounts
  • Accelerators and quota plans that compensate your sales rep for revenue targets, gross margin targets or number of units targets
  • Accelerators that compensate your sales reps as a percentage of revenue or gross margin or as a rate per unit beyond a target or simple bonus payments for exceeding targets
  • Quotas per individual or group of individuals
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations and accelerators on the same item for different commission payees
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations and accelerators for different items
  • Different commission rates, quota calculations and accelerators based on the type of deal or date of booking
  • Recurring or subscription based commission payments with weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annual commission payments
  • Residuals (or trails) that allow you to configure different commission rates for different weeks, months, quarters, or years
  • Variable commission payments each period depending on the actual transacted sales in each period
  • Splits or pro-rated commissions
  • Draws and claw-backs
  • Multiple currencies
  • .... And much more. We would love to find a commission plan that does not work with Nirvaha Commission software.

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