Kelmar Associates uses Windocks to help 29 US states reunite unclaimed property with owners



Kelmar Associates is a leader in innovative technology solutions for unclaimed property management. 29 US states use Kelmar's solutions and services to reunite property owners with unclaimed property as well as to ensure compliance with legislation around unclaimed property management. Some of Kelmar's challenges were:

  • How to continuously deliver high quality technology releases to 29 US states to help reunite unclaimed property with owners quickly (with each state having its own database schema)
  • Making unclaimed property data easily available on demand for reporting through Jaspersoft
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation for unclaimed property process and data


Kelmar required a database orchestration system that would orchestrate services such as security, database cloning, scripting to enable User acceptance testing (UAT) and reporting for 29 states with a matrix of different databases and database code versions.

Selecting Windocks

Kelmar found that Windocks offered three unique capabiities:

  • No code required for database orchestration - The Windocks database orchestration service uniquely offered the ability to avoid writing and maintaining code to manage storage infrastruture, clone volumes, mount volumes, attach databases to database servers, tracking clones, remove databases, etc. Instead, Kelmar provided a "configuration spec" in the form of a dockerfile to build master images for each state. Further Kelmar could simply provide a spec for which database code to run after data cloning with the flexibility for end users to specify the version of the database code. This helped deal with the matrix of different states and versions of database code
  • Ability to deliver data both to SQL Server containers and installed instances Windocks offered the only SQL Server container service for Windows and the only database orchestration system that delivers cloned data to SQL Server containers and installed instances. While Windocks also clones and delivers data to Oracle, MySql, PostGre docker containers, Kelmar does not use these databases
  • Open, standards based technology - Windocks includes a data cloning service based on standard operating system file systems, a container service based on standard container technology / API from Docker Inc, standard Kubernetes support, and security for SQL containers based on standard Active Directory. Alternative offerings from other solutions were based on proprietary file systems and had no container or Kubernetes support

Benefits to the Kelmar technology team

These unique capabilities described above helped the Kelmar technology team align easily with the business teams to deliver success.

  • Ease of testing a complex matrix of states data and database code versions Kelmar was able to handle the requirements of testing 29 states databases with different database code versions in a simplified manner. The dockerfiles combined with run-time variables abstracted the test matrix complexity from the end-users
  • Ease of maintenance Over time, the Kelmar team had minimal maintenance work because of the "no code required" capabilities of Windocks. Changes to data requirements merely had to be provided in the form of a spec (dockerfile). The Windocks orchestration service automatically delivers based on the changed spec (dockerfile).
  • Ease of collaboration across remote employees Most Kelmar employees are remote and worked together to deliver the database orchestration for testing and UAT for 29 states. Because Windocks is a modern server side only technology, it was easy for these remote teams to work together on the rollout without having to do client side installs. Post rollout, technology team members and end users all have the ability to work together easily on the same data because Windocks delivers identical clones from the same data image. People in different regions can collaborate easily because they do not need client side tools and have identical clones of the same data.
  • Support aligned with Kelmar's business - Windocks technical support teams align their success metrics with the success of Kelmar's team.
  • Reporting data on demand Kelmar was able to use Jaspersoft reporting built into the data spec (dockerfile) to deliver data on demand for reporting

What does the deployed database orchestration solution look like

The successful rollout of the Windocks database orchestration service above all has solved the complex test matrix issue of doing test and UAT for Kelmars customers (29 different US states). The solution includes the following components:

  • Database orchestration service - This is the overall Windocks database orchestration services that uses a spec to orchestrate the security service, data cloning service, and database code to continuously deliver data on demand
  • Database cloning - The Windocks data cloning service is based on the Windows file system and delivers clones of large databases in seconds. While Windocks orchestration also has the ability to use other cloning services based on legacy proprietary file systems, this is not being used at Kelmar

Benefits to the Kelmar business

The deployment of modern database orchestration for test and UAT has resulted in Kelmar being able to continuously deliver a complex matrix of technology releases and data to its customers. This was accompanied by better compliance with regulations around unclaimed property process and data.

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